Finding a probate attorney

Finding a probate attorneyLocal residents of the East Bay struggle every month to keep up with the high cost of living in the Bay Area. Rents are high, housing prices are even higher. So the last thing any of us need in these times is to have to deal with probate in the case of a loved one passing without a proper will or trust in place. Having looked far and wide I was thrilled to come into contact with a San Leandro Probate attorney who is caring, diligent, and efficicent in helping families get through the probat process.

George Derieg is an East Bay resident who grew up in the local area, attended Arroyo HS and has strong local connections to the area through his church and local civic involvement. He loves helping families survive the probate process without headaches.

Here is a blurb from his site:

Why Should You Hire a San Leandro Probate Attorney?

San Leandro Probate Attorney, George Derieg, recommends that you hire a local probate attorney if there is real or personal property located in San Leandro, Alameda County. You do not necessarily need to hire a local probate attorney, but it is good practice to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the area said property is found. If you are looking for a probate lawyer in or around the city of San Leandro, call George Derieg for a free consultation 510-355-2747.

San Leandro probate attorney: If you need to sell your loved one’s property

Attorney George Derieg is the probate attorney you will want taking care of your loved one’s assets in San Leandro. Attorney Derieg lived in San Leandro during his law school years and is very familiar with the city of San Leandro. The Law Office of George Derieg has handled a large amount of probate cases where assets in San Leandro have to be transferred. Mr. Derieg has a working relationship with a large amount of very successfulreal estate agents as well, in the event you will need to sell a home, Mr. Derieg will guarantee that his recommended real estate brokers/agents he works with will use the utmost care in handling your recently deceased loved ones property.


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