Tiki Oasis 2015

Tomorrow’s Future, Today!

San Diego CA August 13-16 2015

It’s Always TIKI TIME has secured its passes to this most wonderful of all tiki events and we will be in full coverage mode, well and there might be some dancing and drinking involved too, so you get the full lowdown on the meet and mingle that is Tiki Oasis. We will be attending symposiums with video camera and notebook in hand to bring you the best Tiki news from this years event.

Coming this August this years Tiki Oasis is themed around the Future and Space travel. Check out this blurb from the home page:

Tiki Oasis is the Class M hypergiantof the Tiki scene – the biggest Tiki Weekender in the solar system

The Space Age ran parallel to the Modern Primitivism of Tiki Culture. While technology propelled modern man to the moon, the common man celebrated isolated islander cultures that were equally unattainable.

Whether it was a World’s Fair or Disneyland’sTomorrowland (1955), It seemed that the interest in other worlds in outer space was equally as intriguing as our curiosity of primitive cultures. All World’s Fairs had “International” exhibits displaying Exotic and Primitive cultures alongside the most modern aspects of technology. Similarly, with a short walk across Disnelyland’s Main Street, tourists travelled from the advanced technologies of Tomorrowland to the wilds of Adventureland’s Polynesian garden – The Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise. In 1947 the world listened and read about the Kon Tiki raft sailing across the South Pacific toward the most remote island on earth – Easter Island. Ten years later the Western world watched as Russia’s Sputnik sailed into outer space to begin The Space Race. Soon thereafter Apollo jettisoned the first men to the moon.

tiki oasis 2015

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