Probate Court Problems

For no fault of their own, most probate courts are staffed by court clerks, court staff, probate examiners, etc… who are overworked. It is getting harder and harder to probate an estate easily as a pro per (or as your own attorney). 

It is imperative that you hire a lawyer who knows how to process your deceased loved ones assets through probate as fast as legally possible. You don’t want the estate to languish more than a year, because tax implications get more complicated, and the court will most likely order you to appear in the event it lays dormant.

I have been able to process almost every probate case in Alameda County within a year or shorter. I will also negotiate with all creditors. In many of my cases I have paid for my probate fees just in teh amount of money I was able to have dismissed or discharged from creditors.

Law Firm Probate Policy

I will meet with all clients once a month to give any updates on their case.

I will negotiate with all creditors so you don’t have to. As an attorney, most creditors will balk at requesting the full amount owed.

I will make sure in the event a home is being sold, that the realtor of your choosing, and the title company has all the requisite paperwork in order to sell the property fast.

I will notify all pertinent government agencies whether state of federal to satisfy California Probate Codes before closing the estate.

In some cases I will even grant a discount depending on your life situation, or if you are currently on active duty with the United States Military.

Last but not least of all: I will personally answer all calls to my office on off hours and weekends.

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Alameda County Probate Attorney

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